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How agile organizations can

capitalize on change.

Talent Audits

Change is, now more than ever, the only constant you can depend on in business. Ensuring that everyone in your organization is equipped with the tools to develop Learning Agility puts you in the advantageous position of not just dealing with change. You’ll be able to capitalize on it.

What’s Learning Agility? It’s the ability and willingness to learn from past experiences and then subsequently apply that learning to perform successfully under new or first-time challenges and situations. And it’s what will give your organization the competitive edge.

The argument for organizational Learning Agility.

A Bersin study found that organizations are currently encountering three primary business challenges:

  • Expansion and growth to meet market demand while reducing costs
  • Accelerated innovation (including the ability to act in an agile and creative environment in order to thrive)
  • Rapid change in the market

Meeting these challenges requires your organization to be forward-thinking and strategic. In short, you need to be agile. Taking an audit of everyone within your organization allows you to strategically align the talent within your organization. You’ll be able to empower your highly learning agile leaders, and help everyone in your organization build on the factors most important for their roles.

Our approach to talent audits.

Learning Agility Architect™ measures the five factors of Learning Agility: mental agility, people agility, change agility, results agility, and self-awareness. While not everyone in the organization is likely to possess high Learning Agility, you’re able to gauge where every member of your team is now. Regardless of their level of Learning Agility, you’ll be able to create development avenues for them to build the skills needed for their roles.

viaEDGE® is the industry’s most reliable online self-assessment that measures the five factors of Learning Agility. It allows organizations to measure the individual Learning Agility of the talent on staff. You’ll quickly discover how equipped your current talent is to face complex challenges.

A valuable companion tool for viaEDGE® is the Becoming an Agile Leader Book and Guide. Designed to engage employees with tools to understand the impact of Learning Agility, these resources include practical development tips, reflections exercises, and on and off-the-job experiences to build Learning Agility.

With these tools in place, you’re able to develop teams of empowered employees, increasing retention while creating a workforce ready to face the challenges of today.


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