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Selection Assessments

With so many assessment options available, ranging from full psychometric pre-hire assessments to video-based role-playing, it’s important to narrow down the options to those that will actually help you find the right person for the role.

Assessment methods are an important piece of any recruiting process, with varying levels of importance for different roles. In every case, it’s essential to have standards for face-to-face interviews and interactions that are rigorous, consistent and measurable.

Korn Ferry Interview Architect is a critical component for improving face-to-face interviews.

Korn Ferry Interview Architect™ provides you with the competency based tools and solutions you need to get the most out of your interviews. These tools ensure that targeted competencies crucial to the success of the organization and its talent management efforts are evaluated, the right talent for each position is identified, and fairness is demonstrated by using a set of tools designed for defensibility. Interview Architect® offers organizations quality-of-hire and speed-of-process tools that are both flexible and user-friendly.

Korn Ferry Interview Architect™ Interview Guide provides resources for planning and executing those face-to-face interviews. It allows you to have on hand the questions relevant to the desired competencies for your hiring.

Korn Ferry Interview Architect™ Online will help you build structured, behavior based interview guides that assess Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ content.

Korn Ferry Interview Architect™ Learning and Application Guide is part of a comprehensive trainer’s tool set created to streamline and enhance efforts to implement and train your organization on fully utilizing best-in-class interviewing practices.

All tools can be combined with a full license to allow organizations to embed competency language into existing systems, leverage familiar technology to streamline new program initiatives, and gain early buy-in for new programs and create derivatives needed.


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