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Leadership Development

Extensive research has helped us define a core set of competencies that correlate with leadership performance and potential. Using a competency model tailored to your organization will enable you to provide development opportunities that keep your leaders focused on areas most critical for success and development.

Start by solidifying your talent edge.

Before you integrate competencies into your leadership development strategy, you need a strong competency base. Start by ensuring you have a competency model that aligns with your business strategy. We offer a wide range of products and services designed to help you hone in on the competencies that will have a positive impact on your vision, strategies, values, and culture.

Korn Ferry Leadership Architect establishes a common competency language helpful in identifying critical skills needed for individual and organizational success, and will help you develop a competency model that works for you. Studies indicate that the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect items are correlated with performance rating, promotion, and success after promotion, as well as other objective performance criteria, such as retention and productivity. Stallers and stoppers from Korn Ferry Leadership Architect correlate with derailment.

With a solid foundation in place, you can cultivate your leaders and help them develop in a focused and impactful way.

Put your hard work to work.

So you have a competency model, now what? You can choose from a variety of competency-based assessments and tools to guide new insights and perspectives that help your leaders become even more successful.

Voices® multi-rater feedback assessment provides a research-based and scientifically validated assessment of an individual’s competencies. It helps individuals understand their strengths and weaknesses, identify developmental needs, and enhance their self-awareness. In addition, It provides organizations with a systematic approach to develop their managers along the leadership pipeline and build long-term leadership success.

FYI® for your improvement is an easy-to-use development and coaching tool that is very useful for motivated people who have development potential. Based on the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect competencies used in the Voices® assessment, it provides tips on how to develop in the different competency areas.


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