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Offer perspective that makes an impact.

360 for Development

Do your employees understand the impact they have on the people they work with every day? Are they making the most of the insights others have into their performance? Maybe it’s time they do.

By offering a wide range of perspectives, 360 feedback gives employees a more thorough understanding of not only their strengths, weaknesses, and development opportunities, but also their impact on others. 360 feedback can be a positive and powerful addition to your performance management system.

Develop your talent with better feedback.

A key element of any successful feedback system is development planning. Research shows that talented people stay longer with organizations that provide feedback and opportunities to grow and develop. By utilizing our time-tested, research-based development solutions, you can provide employees with important development remedies, opportunities, and coaching to drive engagement, retention, growth, and increased productivity.

Using our experience with some of the biggest and most diverse organizations around the world, we have created Voices®, a solution that gives you the freedom to create the right program for you.

What is Voices®?

Voices® is a web-enabled, research-based, and time-tested solution for delivering 360 feedback that helps career-minded people to succeed. Voices® uses our library of Korn Ferry Leadership Architect Competencies and Career Stallers and Stoppers as the foundation for important development plans. Equipped with best practices for implementing Voices®, you will be able to facilitate constructive and meaningful 360 feedback for all levels of your organization.

Six to nine months after using 360 feedback, we recommend using Development Tracker™, a more focused survey that measures improvement on up to five competencies. This assessment helps organizations measure the impact of a participant's awareness of his or her development needs, as well as the impact that coaching or learning events have had on the employee development initiative.


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