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Potential Assessments

Why conduct potential assessments?

  • Identify who has the capability for broader roles at future levels.
  • Determine your organization's current bench strength.
  • Better understand the capabilities of external candidates.
  • Provide data-driven insights to differentiate development and more effectively allocate development resources.
  • Supplement information from talent reviews.
  • Enhance retention by focusing on self-development.
  • Build self-awareness as a foundation for development.

Our potential assessments.

Leverage our potential assessments to understand the capabilities that are critical for success in broader, future roles.

  • Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential: An easy-to-use, comprehensive assessment that utilizes research to measure the seven key signposts of leadership potential.
  • viaEDGE® Online Survey: An assessment tool measuring an individual’s ability and willingness to learn from experience and perform successfully in new situations.


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