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On-demand Broadcast: Leaning in Together: Using Shared Responsibility to Shatter the Glass Ceiling

In recent years, the percentage of women holding senior and C-Suite roles in organizations has increased. However, breaking through the glass ceiling remains a very real challenge for most women – and the organizations that seek to retain and leverage their talent – to overcome.

Korn Ferry recently studied women leaders’ competencies, motivators, and experiences to understand the underlying dynamics, yielding insights that individuals and their managers, organizational leaders, and HR teams can act on immediately.

View this webcast to learn:

  • The differences in motivators, experiences, and competencies between men and women that were identified in our recent “Women Executives: Breaking the Glass Ceiling” research, and the insight they provided into how to have an impact on career advancement for women.
  • Actionable insights that women can apply to address these issues to facilitate their own professional development and advancement, and that managers and mentors can use to better support the success of women professionals.
  • Strategies that leaders and human resources departments can leverage to drive widespread change on women in leadership throughout the organization.

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