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Korn Ferry

Assess jobs to understand

how, where, and why work is done.

Job Evaluation

When you have the right job designs and structure, you’ll have the right people in the right places being paid the right amount. This helps motivate your people and benefit their careers and your business.

Creating order out of chaos

The Korn Ferry Hay Group job evaluation process, the Hay Guide Chart–Profile MethodSM, assesses your jobs to help you understand how, where and why work is done. We then organize this into a framework (such as grades or job families) that serve as a platform for HR management. This enables you to answer critical questions such as:

  • Do I know what each job is worth? Work measurement brings clarity and objectivity to how organisations pay. It enables you to accurately compare against others in the market and make sure your pay is fair and equitable.
  • Do I have the right people in the right roles? Unlike our competitors, our job evaluation methodology measures the shape as well as the size of the role, meaning that we can give a really accurate picture of the job and its challenges.
  • Does my organization structure fit with the strategy? We help you determine if you have the right number of people in the right places at the right levels.

Why choose Korn Ferry Hay Group?

Our job evaluation methodology is the most widely used in the world. We’ve analysed work for tens of thousands of organisations–everything from niche fund managers to government agencies. Clients like our methodology, not only because it is so tried and tested, but also because it’s 3-dimensional, can be easily customized, and connects to our pay databases, which are the biggest in the world. We combine all this experience and IP with a practical, business-focused and insightful approach.

Korn Ferry Hay Group's job evaluation methodology is the most widely used in the world

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