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Executive Compensation and Benefits

Executive compensation and benefits are under the spotlight as never before. Executive salaries are heavily scrutinized by not only company shareholders, but also politicians, the media, employees, suppliers, and customers. Non-Executive Directors responsible for setting executive compensation levels need access to experienced advisers who can provide the information, the analysis, and above all, the judgement to help them make the right decisions for their business.

What Korn Ferry offers

We provide a full service to compensation and remuneration committees, from designing pay policies that align with current and future business strategies to supporting companies as they consult with investors, and manage the technical implementation and communication of compensation plans. We also work with management to help them use pay to help implement strategy effectively.

With reward data on 20 million professionals from 25,000 companies in 110 countries, Korn Ferry offers the most comprehensive pay database in the world. We leverage this data to support organizations with pay benchmarking so they can accurately compare roles across countries, sectors, and functions.

Why choose Korn Ferry Hay Group?

  • There is no substitute for experience: Korn Ferry Hay Group has a growing team of senior consultants who have deep expertise from working with world-class corporations and their top teams.
  • We link our advice to talent management: Our advice is set in the context of managing the succession process for the most senior executives. With decades of experience, we understand the broader issues relating to executive compensation and how it relates to effective talent management.
  • We balance the needs of executives and stakeholders: As experts in executive behavior, we understand how to create clear executive compensation and benefits policies that attract and motivate executives while still respecting stakeholder expectations.
  • We fit reward to your strategic context: While some consultants try to standardize pay to simplify the process, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to executive compensation. We realize that every business is different from its culture, to its regulatory and economic environment, to the talent supply in the industry. Our recommendations take into account the entire business environment, and we perform market comparisons to give you a clear idea of where your compensation and benefits packages stack up in the industry.
  • We understand the importance of communication: Poor communication can dilute the substance of a proposal, leading to a lack of shareholder support. Our experienced consultants can help ensure that shareholders are kept informed through a consultation process.
  • We create clear, transparent programs: We realize that sometimes, simple is better. For an executive compensation plan to work consistently, it needs to be scalable so that, when the market changes, it doesn’t take a dozen teams of analysts to figure out what to do next. We believe in developing clear and simple programs without too many moving parts.
  • We have world-renowned methodologies and data: Our unique approach, proven methodologies, and common-sense analytics have been developed over more than 70 years. 70% of the Fortune 500 already choose us as their partner in reward.

The Korn Ferry Hay Group Director Compensation and Benefits Study

While Korn Ferry Hay Group has decades of experience making sure that our clients’ executive compensation and benefits packages align with their company’s goals, we back our recommendations with objective data. To that end, we created an annual Director Compensation and Benefits Study. Each year, our team of analysts gathers data from hundreds of different companies to grant us deeper insight and perspective on executive compensation trends. This perspective allows us to help your team to construct a compensation plan that is fair and competitive for all parties involved.

The 2016 study pulls data from the 300 largest companies that filed proxy statements. It observes and analyzes executive compensation packages, noting trends and changes compared to previous years. Each year, we also use the study to compare the compensation and benefits of different levels of executives, and to make predictions for executive compensation in the forthcoming year. 

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