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Join Korn Ferry at the Human Capital Media

SYMPOSIUM14 Workshop

Driving Your Organizational Strategy Through Community Leadership

For an organization to unleash its potential, accelerate its strategy and facilitate increased impact from its leaders, it must create a platform for people to experience the power of service. Leadership development at its core is intended to develop people to serve their teams, their customers, the mission of the organization and themselves. If we recognize that service is critical to leadership development and fundamental to catalyzing a purpose-driven shift in organizational strategy, then how do you provide leaders with opportunities to experience purpose-focused development?

Attend this workshop with Korn Ferry and Exelis Inc. for:

  • An introduction to the four core pillars of leadership development that activate purpose-driven shifts in organizational strategy.
  • A deeper dive into service, a fundamental component of development programs that drives engagement, performance and impact.
  • Best practices from organizations that are tapping into their community and social responsibility platforms as a central component of leadership development.
  • The results and outcomes of leadership development centered in a service framework.

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